We are a group of four friends who have a shared passion for Netball. Even though we all have demanding jobs and careers; this is one common ground where we all get together and fellowship.

When trying to figure out a name for this initiative; we decided to keep it simple but to reflect the rules & actions within this sport of ‘Netball’ and so, we are known as Pass Or Shot. 

When thinking of an expression for our tagline and ethos, we decided to keep it close to home with the first letter of our names to be an acronym.

So our ethos, vision & tagline is:

“Game, Agility, Versatility, Skill”

We decided to take this love for sport and share it with others and now we train females in this sport Wednesdays in the Harris Academy South Norwood Campus.

In the near future, we want to be able to expand:

Having a regular league

Multiple teams, matches & competitions

Become a nationally & locally recognised sport